At Advanced Termite & Pest Control, Inc., we service all phases of pest control, residential and commercially. Anything from small rodents, to termites, bed bugs, ants and more. We provide an outstanding service for a fair and honest price. We do give free estimates, and there are no obligations to our customers until we provide a treatment for whatever the issue may be!


Established in 2002.

The business was started as a small one man operation, until a partnership began and the purchase of "Mantis Exterminating" in 2002 quadrupled the business and set the course we are on today, helping people to better the environment for the benefit of all. Only beginning as a basic extermination service, our company has developed into a broad spectrum of conventional pest control, hoping to continue better serving our customers for years to come!

Meet the Manager

Sean R.

Since i have been managing Advanced Termite & Pest Control for the past three years, I have grown with this company, and as our environments, laws, and economy continue to change, the only that has not changed is my commitment to helping people to protect their home or workplace. Although like most businesses, we are here to make a profit, this does not stop us from helping people who cannot afford professional services like this. Being here for our customers is our #1 priority, and my mark on this company. I am looking forward to the many of new customers that have not yet found a need for our services, and continuing with the thousands that already have!

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