In many cultures, crickets are a sign of good luck. In your home, they are not. Crickets are mostly harmless, but their endless chirping is enough to keep you awake all night. Unlike their grasshopper cousins, crickets are nocturnal, meaning your chances of actually seeing them are rare. They are attracted to your Long Island home for three reasons: food, shelter, and light. Just keeping your porch lights on is enough to bring them near your home.

Crickets on Long Island also serve as prey for many larger insects and animals, meaning if you have crickets, you may have bigger problems. It is best practice to call an exterminator to get rid of crickets on your property or in your home. At Advanced Termite and Pest Control, we want to help you exterminate crickets; we want you to feel safe and comfortable in your Long Island, NY home.

Since 2002, Advanced Termite and Pest Control has provided dependable, professional, and thorough pest control services to Long Island, NY.

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