Bees & Wasps

The Paper Wasp is the most commonly found wasp on Long Island. Paper Wasps are 3/4 to 1 inch long. Their "waist" is very thin and during flight, their hind legs will be extended and trailing behind them. Their larvae are a cream-like color and they remain legless until finally emerging from the nest as an adult. Feeding for them usually consists of nectar and insects, including caterpillars, flies and beetle larvae. They are also referred as the Umbrella Wasp because of the easily detectable up-side down shape of their honey comb nests.

Habitat of Wasps

Typically they mix their saliva with fibers that they find on dead wood and plant stems to construct their homes. Their honeycomb paper nests can be found typically under eaves, inside air vents, behind shutters or inside hollow fence posts. Paper wasps usually have many nests within a property. They can detect movement at 12 to 20 feet away but will not attack until the threat is very close and/or they feel provoked.

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