Rats and mice are unwelcome intruders to any home or business. Rodents carry and spread dangerous diseases and also bring ticks and fleas onto your property. Rodents also can gnaw on electrical wiring and potentially cause an electrical fire. The most common species are the House mouse and the Norway rat. The House mouse is small and does not typically exceed 2 inches. It is usually gray. The Norway rat is a larger rodent and can grow up to 12 inches. Their color varies from gray, black, and brown. A mouse can be distinguished from a young rat by a young rat's head and feet: These will be much larger compared to the body.

Rodent's Habitat

Rodents typically try to come inside from October through February, although for restaurants and businesses rodents can be a threat at any time of the year. Mice are usually found in urban and suburban communities. They can squeeze through a space as small as a nickel, so it is easy for them to enter a building. Rats are found in wooded areas and vacant lots. They can fit through a space as small as a quarter. Both mice and rats will build nests in and around a building in stacked firewood, bricks, piles of leaves, and other debris.

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